Starting with 1 $ to get 1 Million Dollars















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The Multimizer Project

Im Einkauf liegt der Gewinn!
High Profit is Made by Purchasing Low

The word stated above says it all.
We try to buy high valued items at a low price.
Then, we try to sell the item and get a higher price at the market
It's not our intent to sell the item at unrealistic high prices,
but we would like to have the price, the item is worth according to offer and demand.

The challenge is to find items at a bargain price, buy them
and then offer them and sell them to the common market price.


We buy 1 egg for 1$, sell it for 2, buy 2 for 2 and sell 2 for 4.
Maybe from 4 $ we buy 1 item which will be sold at only 5 $$
then we hope to buy 1 item at a price of 5 and try to sell it for 10.
Maybe for 10 $$ we can buy 1 item which can be sold for 15,
Hopefully we can buy 3 items at a price of 5 and sell all three items for 10 a piece.
With this 30 Dollars we will purchase something which we can sell for 50?
Soon we will invest 50 to buy goods which will get us close to 100 US$
The first steps will be hard and the business will get even harder.
Maybe one day we must look for items valued 200,000 $$ but must try
to purchase this item with a discount of 25%.
One day, we will have to double 500,000 and it will not be easy...


Everything is allowed if it isn't illeagal.

All Supply-Management Methods and Marketing Methods shall be used.

Naver invest more money in buying goods than you have in your account,

Dollars? Not only! Worldwide trading! Any currency!

Looking for offers at auctions, classified and webpages.
And, there are more methods for efficient supply-management.

Selling. Offering our goods anywhere to everybody.


Let's see how long it will take until we've got 1 Million Dollars.
Let's hope to be a Millionaire end of 2007.
If we're not?

Extra-Rule: Never give up.

Let's see how long we need to reach the goal.

Project start: Aug 1, 2006

The Multimizer

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