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The Multimizer Project

July 24 until 28, 2006 - The Idea

During worktime, having coffee-break,
me and this new scholar named Meiko were talking about this
tremendous success of the man who traded this little
red paper clip so often until he had a house.

On Friday July 28, during lunchtime, I suddenly had the IDEA !
We discussed it and decided to brainstorm about Rules and
whatever would be related during the weekend.
Project Start should be on Aug. 1, 2006.

July 29, 2006
1st Purchase:
I am buying a Magazin with a Poster of Paris Hilton in it.
This poster will be my item number 1

I look for a good name for the project,
I find Multimizer is good,
I apply and get this domain name.
I get my memberships at youtube and myspace.

July 30
I am establishing a second membership-name at ebay,

July 31, 2006
A friend in Finland promises to send me some Coins
from Finland. 1, 2 and 5 euro-cents from Finland.
Imagine this! 8 Euro-Cents. Value: 0,08 Euro.
But the market price for these coins is much higher!
I hope, I will receive the items soon.

Aug 1, 2006 - Project Start

The coins from Finland have not yet arrived. I am
starting Aug 1, 2006 with item 1, this Poster of Paris Hilton
taken from a German Youth Magazine called BRAVO.

Here is the link to the Auction
The auction starts at 1 US$ minimum bid only,
but I think the Poster is worth a price of 5 US$.
At least in USA. I have not seen a similar poster of
Paris Hilton offered at ebasy. There are hundreds of
Posters of her offered, but not the one wich I offer.
I note, that Multimizer has not yet got any
recommendations / positive feedbacks at ebay.
How should he? Multimizer is Member since: Jul-30-06

So, today I also created the my-page at ebay,
Take a look at My Page at Ebay

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